Neustar India (.IN)

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About Neustar India(.IN)

Module Requirement

1. WHMCS 6/7.x/8.x

2. 700 / 7001 Port must be enabled with your WHMCS server firewall.

3. Your WHMCS IP must be whitelisted with the Neustar India(.IN)

How to upload the file

1. Log in to your client area and download Neustar India(.IN)

2. Download the zip module folder from our site to log in with your account (

3.Extract the zip file

4.Connect FTP or Cpanel

5.Upload "neustar_india" module folder with your WHMCS on this path "/modules/registrars/"

6.After uploading the files, log in as WHMCS admin

How to activate the module

1.Login as your WHMCS admin.

2. Go to "System Settings" >> Domain Registrars >> Find module name as "Dot IN"

3. Configure the module with API URL, Username/Userid, Password, Port, Contact Id Prefix, Enable/Disable DNSSEC,

4. Enter the license key.

5. Save changes

How to add the domain TLDs for Neustar India(.IN)?

1. Log in as your WHMCS admin.

2. Go to Setting >> System Settings >> Domain Pricing

3. Add .in TLD and set price for it and select Registrar module as "Dot IN".

For API Connection

1. For API connection you have to create a CSR key with your WHMCS server and then forward it to the registry. They will provide you with the cert.pem file.

2. In FTP /Cpanel go to this path "/modules/registrars/neustar_india/cert/" rename cert.pem.rename to cert. pem and then copy-paste the cert file data into this file.

3. Save it and upload it on the correct path with your WHMCS server.