IVeri WHMCS Payment Gateway

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IVeri WHMCS Payment Gateway

The iVeri Lite gateway module for WHMCS offers a Fast, Flexible, Robust and Efficient Solution for South African
Internet Merchants who whants to accept Credit Card payments on their WHMCS site


  • Simple and effortless integration with the click of a button.
  • Merchant’s do not have to manage certificates and the 3D secure process
  • Multi Language Supported
  • 128 Bit security

The iVeri Lite Payment Gateway for WHMCS requires no Integration as everything is done with the click of a button, you simply need to enter your iVeri Application ID and are ready to receive payment, making it the perfect payment gateway for internet merchants who have limited technical resources. On checkout the card holder is redirected to a 128 bit secure payment page that is hosted by iVeri. This takes the responsibility of aquiring PCI compliency and security certificates out of your hands.

Additionally through iVeri’s Merchant BackOffice you have the ability to configure the look and feel of the payment page your customers gets redirected to, having the ability to make it blend in with your store’s look and feel.

Installation Instructions for WHMCS 5.x

Thank your for downloading our iVeri WHMCS Payment Gateway, installation instructions are included below.
We recommend you backup your entire database before proceeding with this installation.

Ico9.pngStep 1-Upload files to remote server

Upload modules directory to your remote server.
Be sure to upload to the same folder in which your installation of WHMCS already exists.

Ico11.pngStep 2-Enable iveri lite Payment Module

To install iVeri Lite payment method go to Setup -> Payments -> Payment Gateways link.

Scroll down Activate Module combobox and select iveri lite And click the "Activate" button.


Ico11.pngStep 3-Configure the Payment Gateway

After activating the iveri lite module, configure it

Iveri de.png
  • Insert your iveri lite account details.
  • Type to Display Name iveri lite
  • Click Save Changes to save configuration settings.

That’s it - you’re finished, well done.