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About Amazon Route 53 FOR WHMCS

You can now purchase a new domain name or transfer the management of your existing domain name to Route 53. When you purchase new domains via Route 53, the service will automatically configure a Hosted Zone for each domain. Route 53 offers privacy protection for your WHOIS record at no additional charge. In addition, you benefit from AWS’s consolidated billing to manage your domain name expenses alongside all of your other AWS resources. Route 53 offers a selection of more than 150 top-level domains (TLDs), including the major generic TLDs like .com, .net, .org, and .info, and country TLDs including, .de, .tv, and Getting started with Route 53 Domain Name Registration is easy. Please see the Route 53 documentation for more details.

What does this Amazon Route 53 WHMCS Module Do?

Admin Area Features:

  • Register Domain
  • Transfer Domain
  • Renew Domain
  • Get EEP Code
  • Enable/Disable Auto Renew
  • Manage Nameservers
  • Update Name Server
  • Update Contact Details

Client Area Features:

  • Register Domain
  • Transfer Domain
  • Renew Domain
  • Enable/Disable Auto Renew
  • Manage Nameservers
  • Lock/Unlock Registrar
  • Update Contact Details
  • Manage DNS Records


In this brief tutorial we will show you how to successfully install and set up Amazon Route 53 Domains For WHMCS.

We will guide you step by step through the whole installation process.

How to install the Amazon Route 53 WHMCS Registrar Module

  • Extract the files to your local machine
  • Upload the extracted files contained within the Registrars directory to the site that hosts your live whmcs /modules/registrars/
  • Within your web browser, navigate to your WHMCS admin section
  • Navigate to Setup > Products and Services > Domain Registrars
  • Find the Amazon Route 53 Domain Registrar module and click on Activate
Awsroute53 activate.png
  • Click on Configure and enter your Amazon Route 53 Domains username and password, and then click Save Changes
Awsrout53 save.png

Configuration and Management

Management of TLDs

  • Adding new TLD is very simple. To add new TLD, go to Setup > Products/Services > Domain Pricing Tab. .
  • Enter your choice TLD name and choose Amazon Route 53 from Auto Registration dropdown menu as shown on the screen below.
Aswroute53 price.png

Note* DNS Management and Email Forwarding not supported by AWS API . leave them uncheck

  • In Pricing window you can set your prices. Remember to save the changes.
Awsroute53 price2.png