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About WhatsApp Notification WHMCS Module

WGS WhatsApp Notification WHMCS Module is a fully automated module that will help to grow your business. This module will send all WHMCS default notifications on customers' WhatsApp number and allow the WHMCS admin to schedule custom notifications for specific products/services and for specific WHMCS customers.

Module Requirements

1. WHMCS Installed

2. Twilio Credentials

3. WhatsApp Notification Module License Key

How to install Whatsapp Notification module?

How to upload files with WHMCS?

1. Log in to your client area https://whmcsglobalservices.com/members/clientarea.php and download WhatsApp Notification module .

2. Extract module folder.

3. Upload addons folder to WHMCS (whmcs_root/modules/addons/).

Install and Configure

How to Install/Configure the Module

1. Now, Go to WHMCS admin > Settings > System Settings

Screenshot (10)-hostx.png

2. Search for Addon Modules then click on at "Addon Modules"


3. After that you can see the list of all available addon modules. Find “WhatsApp Notification” module.

Screenshot (16).png

4. Click on Activate button to activate the “ WhatsApp Notification WHMCS" Module.


5. Click on Configure Button.


6. Now, fill the License Key put the License key in the field provided and then click on save changes. Login with your WGS account https://whmcsglobalservices.com/members/clientarea.php and with your purchased service you can get license key.


7. After filling all the field then click on save changes. Now you ready to use the module features

How to configure the module with WhatsApp messages gateway

1. After configure the module you can see the WhatsApp Notification link under Addons Tab.


2. Now click on the configuration tab


3. Enter Account SID. To get SID Click here

4. Enter Auth Token. To get Token Click here]

5. Choose specific Client WhatsApp Number option. One is Use Client's Profile Phone Number(Default WHMCS Field) and second one is Use Client Custom Field

  • If you want module use client profile phone number to send WhatsApp notification then choose first option Use Client's Profile Phone Number(Default WHMCS Field)
  • If you want customer enter their WhatsApp number with their profile from client area and module use that number to send WhatsApp notification then choose second option Use Client Custom Field

6. User can also create the custom field by click on create custom field

7. Once you select the create custom field option a popup will open where you will be needed to fill the required input field and then click on save changes.

Screenshot (14).png

8. During generation of SID on Twilio in return we will get WhatsApp number and fill that number in the below field


How to enable/disable WhatsApp message templates

Module provides the list of all WhatsApp message templates. You can enable/disable specific template anyone with this module under Templates tab/page.

1. Go to WhatsApp Notification module under Addons Tab.

2. Now click on the Templates tab

3. After clicking on the Templates tab you can see the list of all available message templates. Under Status column you can see a toggle button with ON/OFF options. To enable toggle to ON and to disable toggle to OFF and then on toggle setting will be auto saved. To change message content you can click on edit icon and can change the message text according to you.


How to configure the cron?

Module provides a cron file that you have to configure with your server with the interval of 1 hour. This cron script will do two things given as below.

  • Based on module automation settings, this cron will send the scheduled message on your specific customers WhatsApp number.
  • If any customer sends message on your Twilio number then by default those messages will be appeared for next 24 hours so if there are unread messages then this file will remove those messages from database which have been more than 24 hours.

To find cron command or path follow below steps.

1. Go to WhatsApp Notification module under Addons Tab.

2. Now click on the Automation Settings tab

3. Copy the URL as you can see on that Automation Settings page and setup the CRON with your WHMCS server using the same URL with the interval of 1 hour.


How to configure Webhook to get WhatsApp message with module

Module provide a functionality to see and reply all unread messages from your customers on your Twilio WhatsApp number. To configure it follow below steps.

1. Go to your Twilio Account and login with your Twilio credentials.

2. Once you login you will see a page like this on your screen. On this page you need to firstly click on Develop and then on Messaging as shown in screenshot.


3. After that go to Settings >> WhatsApp settings

Whats sandbox.png

4. Now click on WhatsApp Settings and enter the webhook URL in given field "When a message comes in"


5. For getting the URL go to your WHMCS admin >> Addons >> WhatsApp Notification addon module and then go to Unread Messages tab. Here you can see the webhook link copy that link and paste in given field in Twilio WhatsApp Configuration setting as shown in above screenshot.

WHMCS-WhatsAppppppp-Notifications -4-png-1920×912-.png

6. After pasting the URL click on Save button to save the changes.

How to reply unread messages from WhatsApp Notification module

1. Go to WHMCS admin >> navigate to Addons >> Click on WhatsApp Notification module >> Unread Messages.


2. After clicking on the Unread Messages a new tab will open which will look like the snapshot below.

Screenshot (6).png

3. Now here click on the reply button and it will open a new pop like shown below

Answer reply.png

4. From here you can enter your reply in the reply box and then send it

5. After you click on send reply your customer will get reply on their WhatsApp number.