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Getting Started


Requirements for Installation

  • WHMCS 8.x- 8.7x
  • WHMCS DB User must have all permissions of the DB before installation and activation of this Module GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON db_base.* TO db_user @'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'db_passwd';
  • Active Account required at OVH/SoYouStart/Kimsufi website.
  • Application Key
  • Secret Key
  • OVH/Kimsufi/SoYouStart account name or Registered Email Id.

Installation and Configuration


Login to your WGS client area and download the latest module files & licence Key.

Latest OVH.png

Extract the files & upload into your WHMCS main directory.

--- Extracted files in your WHMCS directory should look like this:


In order to configure the order form upload the files in your activeated order form. Note : This step is only for if you are using "Modren" , "CartX" , "HostX" or "Lagom"

how to verify which cart you are using >> Go to whmcs admin > Setup >> General Setting >> Orderform tab.

Extracted files in your WHMCS directory should look like this:

MicrosoftTeams-image (35).png

Addon Activation

Log in to your WHMCS admin area. Follow the steps >>Setup >> Addon Modules

MicrosoftTeams-image (33).png

After activation you need to permit access to this module.


Good Job you have installed the addon successfully & activated it!

How to generate the OVH API Key

Go to Addons >> WGS OVH Modules >> key setup

You need to generate a key to configure the servers through our module. Admin can generate multiple keys with our module and can resell multiple servers from OVH, SYS and Kimsufi.

==> Choose Company  :- If you are selling the OVH server than choose OVH as a company in dropdown & you must have account in OVH.

==> Server Location :- Choose the Loaction under OVH where is your account located like if you have have account under cA you should choose "Canada"

MicrosoftTeams-image (34).png

Once you clicked on the step 4 it will redirect you to your Provider company site to generate the API & you will follow the below screen.


Note: You may also skip the 'Consumer Key' field in the server configuration (Application Key and Secret must be provided). After saving the changes, the module will redirect you, in such case, to your provider's page where the key can be generated at once. Please log in and select 'Unlimited' in the key validity field. The 'Consumer Key ' will be automatically generated and entered in the appropriate field in the server's configuration page in the module.

How to set price margin from OVH/Soyoustart/Kimsufi price

MicrosoftTeams-image (38).png

How to Setup the OVH VPS / Dedicated Products

Account Name Account name coming from API account setting which we set earlier.

OVH Subsidiary If you have account under OVH Canada like you will have option To choose under which ovhSubsidiary you want create the product module will pick the price from API and convert the price based on your default currency.


Hide OS OVH return various OS like cPanel , Plesk Core OS etc basically which are not operating system so it will confuse to user so we recomend to hide them in your production. List of os return by OVH you have can hide with , separated : Windows , SqlServer , Ubuntu ,Centos , Debian , Plesk , CloudLinux , Gentoo , SlackWare , ArchLinux , FreeBSD , SmartOS , OpenSuse , DirectAdmin , cPanel , CoreOS , IspConfig ,Vmware , EsxiCitrix XenServerVPS , Proxmox , SolusVM

MicrosoftTeams-image (29).png

How to Import the product from OVH

Choose OVH Group Name These group are coming from OVH so you have to Import all one by one. For eg. choose Rise it will import all the rise products from OVH & you can set your own Group name in WHMCS Product Group Name.

MicrosoftTeams-image (28).png

How to set the OVH products Name

By default module will import the products name like name like RISE-1 , RISE-2 so you can set your own products name.

MicrosoftTeams-image (30).png
MicrosoftTeams-image (31).png

Note: If you don't want to install this product please deselect this checkbox

Step 2: Email Import Settings

Due to API limitations, all emails with server credentials can only be sent to your OVH / Kimsufi / So You Start email address set in the panel.

This applies to messages with credentials sent after creating the server as well as messages sent after reinstallation.

The solution to this problem is email piping that will be used to receive messages sent to your OVH mailbox and then forwarded through the templates further to your WHMCS clients.

Note: Even though the module filters the received messages in your mailbox, we recommend that you use a separate mailbox for your main OVH VPS and Dedicated Servers profile account to avoid any issues with non-OVH content.

After setting up the dedicated mailbox, provide its valid credentials below and test whether the connection has been established correctly.

Images png.png
WHMCS - OVH VPS Dedicated Server Addon Imap Settings Webmail Accounts.png

The cron set during the last stage of the module's installation should periodically check that mailbox for OVH messages.

If any new emails are received, they will be then converted to your email template and sent to the corresponding client.

How to configure the cron job

Configure Cron Job: Soyoustart WHMCS Module

Step 1). First of all copy the crons folder files and upload in your existing crons folder file.

Step 2). After upload the files edit the config.php in your cron folder and set the whmcsbase path in whmcsurl variable.

Step 3). Set the following cron job :

Minute Hour Day Month Weekday Command
*/5 * * * * php -q /YOURWHMCSCRONFOLDER/soyoustartcron_vps.php
*/5 * * * * php -q /YOURWHMCSCRONFOLDER/soyoustartcron_dedicated.php
*/30 * * * * php -q /YOURWHMCSCRONFOLDER/syc_soyoustartcron.php.php

How to test the cron job?

To test the cron job follow the below easy steps.

Step 1 Make sure you have assigned the server to the user or user purchased the server from you and that is running mode.

Step 2 Login as a client in which customers have servers. Go to client product service in your WHMCS client area. And view the server details page then click on the Power tab and click on the Netboot button to choose Rescue in Rescue mode and boot it.

If you are still having issue in cron and its coming in red colour check the below points :

Check 1). login to you FTP client , Find the crons folder in crons folder you will find the config.php edit that file and check the whmcs path is correct?


If config.php file does not existing in your corns folder the create the new config.php under crons folder with below code and change the WHMCS path with $whmcspath variable

<?php /**

* Custom Crons Directory Configuration
* This crons folder may be moved to any place above or below the docroot.
* We recommend locating it outside the docroot to prevent browser based access.
* Upon moving it, you must provide the path to your WHMCS installation to
* allow the cron task files to communicate with the parent WHMCS installation.
* To do this, rename this file config.php, then uncomment and enter the full
* path to the WHMCS root directory in the $whmcspath variable below.
* You must also provide the appropriate path to the crons folder in the
* $crons_dir variable inside the WHMCS master configuration file.
* For more information please see http://docs.whmcs.com/Custom_Crons_Directory

$whmcspath = '/path/to/whmcs/';

Check 2). If you crons folder path is not custom than hit the direct URL in browser and check like : yourwhmcs.com/crons/soyoustartcron_vps.php

Once the process completed end user will get the mail.

For more information please check this Link

How to assign the existing server in WHMCS

In order to assign the existing server to your clients we are providing two ways :

1). Assign server to existing products / services order

2). Order a new service in WHMCS to assign the existing server to clients.


Tips/General Fixing

CPU Info and Resources Graph are not showing

RTM is not installed on your server, or must be reinstalled. For that, you can refer to the following page:


Email Templates Setup

Admin can easily manage all the OVH Module related email templates from this section, admin can edit templates according to the requirements.

WHMCS - OVH SYS Kimsufi VPS Dedicated Server Module Email Templates Management.png

How to customise License Options Name & Set Prices

With this option, admin can create license configurable options and set custom prices to them.

WHMCS - OVH SYS Kimsufi VPS Dedicated Server Module Licenses Config Options.png

How to Customise Operating Systems name & Config Options?

You can easily create configuration options for operating systems and set custom names.


Client area control button not coming

If user are not able to access the start , stop control button in client area than edit the client product service in WHMCS admin area and check the check box is ticked.

419px-Powerbutton (1) (1).png

How to upgrade the latest version

Note : Before starting the upgrade progress take the backup of your WHMCS database and files.

Next Login to your WGS client area and download the latest module files & licence Key.

Latest OVH.png

Extract the files & upload into your WHMCS main directory.

--- Extracted files in your WHMCS directory should look like this:

Ignore the cron folder nothing change in that.


Login to your WHMCS and go to Soyoustart/OVH addon module and find the upgrade button.


Once you got the sucess message that means you have upgraded the version sucessfully!

We have add the new feature to set the margin price

How to set price margin from OVH/Soyoustart/Kimsufi price

MicrosoftTeams-image (38).png

You can easily create configuration options for operating systems and set custom names.


Note: We have add the new operating system in our module.