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About Switch epp

SWITCH is the office responsible for the registration and administration of the country-code-Top-Level Domain Names (ccTLDs) for Switzerland (.ch) and Liechtenstein (.li). One of the main tasks this involves is the registration of second-level domain names under these ccTLDs, which will simply be referred to as “domain names” in what follows.

Module Requirement

1. WHMCS 6/7.x/8.x

2. 700 / 7001 Port must be enabled with your WHMCS server firewall.

3. Your WHMCS IP must be whitelisted with SwitchEPP registry.

How to upload the file

1. Log in to your client area https://whmcsglobalservices.com/members/clientarea.php and download Switch Epp Module

2. Download the zip module folder from our site to log in with your account (https://whmcsglobalservices.com/members/clientarea.php).

3. Unzip the zip folder.

4. Upload the files with your WHMCS server (whmcsdir/modules/addons/).

5. Upload the files with your WHMCS server (whmcsdir/modules/registrars/).

6. Put your certificate in this "cert. pem" file and upload this with the "switchepp" registrar module.

  • Here comes the path down.(whmcsdir/modules/registrars/switchepp/cert/). It is optional, if you do not have an SSL certificate, the module will work without it.

How to activate the addon module with WHMCS

1.Login as your WHMCS admin.

2. Go to "System Settings" >> "Addon Modules" >> "Switch EPP".

3. Activate and Configure the module and Save Changes.

How to activate the registrar module with WHMCS

1. Log in as your WHMCS admin.

2. Go to "System Settings">> "Domain Registrars".

3. Find "Switchepp" registrar module.

4. Clink on the "Activate" button to activate the module.

5. After activate, click on the "Configure" button to configure the module.

6. Enter your "User Id, Password, EPP URL (EPP Registry URL), Port Number, License Key (You can get it from your WGS account), DNSSEC (enable if you want to set DNSSEC with domain register/update, Algorithm (select specific Algorithm value for DNSSEC), Digest Type (select specific Algorithm value for DNSSEC), Pass Phrase (if you have set Pass Phrase during SSL certification), Enable svcExtension)" in given configuration fields.

7. Enter your passphrase (If you've not to pass the phrase, you can leave it blank)

8. Click on save changes to save the settings.

EPP Production URL is: epp.nic.ch and Port: 700

EPP Test URL is: epp-test.switch.ch Port: 7001

Switchepp-domain config.png

How to add the domain TLDs for Switch EPP module?

1. Log in as your WHMCS admin.

2. to "System Settings" >> "Domain Pricing".

3. Add TLD (.ch, .li) and also assign the registrar module "Switchepp" with these TLDs from the "Auto Registration" dropdown.

Note. Do not forget to set the price. With empty price WHMCS will not allow to add domain in cart.

Switchepp-tld config.png

How to test the demonstrator for Switch EPP

1. In the module folder, you can find the demonstrator file. you've to directly run this file in your browser.

2. Demonstrator URL: htpps://your_whmcs_site_url/modules/registrars/switchepp/demostrator/swicthepp_demonstrator.php