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About Support pin

Support Pin module will allow your customers to generate a Security Pin which will enable you to verify the account holder by using a single pin.

Module Requirements

1. WiseCP installed
2. PHP 7.x
3. Ioncube 10 or later

How to upload the files

1. Log into your client area and download Support pin latest module.

2. Extract the module folder

3. Navigate to the folder support pin located in Wisecp_dir/coremio/modules/Servers/ in your extracted files

How to install/configure Support Pin module

1. Login as your WiseCp Admin

2. Go to tools >> Addons

3. Enable the SupportPIN addon module

4. Click on the setting button, fill the fields and save the changes.


5. Now the module has been activated/configured and you can see the module name under the tools -> Addons navigation menu

How it works on the admin side

1. Login to Wisecp Admin panel then Go to tools > addon > support pin

2. Under the add-on module you can see all customers of the support pin

Supportpin list.png

3. Go to clients > client list > select specific client. In the Summary section, you can see the Support pin for that particular client.

Clientprofile admin.png

4. Navigate to the main admin dashboard. At the bottom of that page, you can see the Support pin filter widget. You can find the support pin that relates to which client.

Pin search.png

How it works on the client-side

On client-side, there are two themes

  • Classic Theme
  • Modern Theme

Procedure for the Classic theme

1. Login as a client or with your account in the client area. After that on the main home page, your users can see their Support pin under the left sidebar.

Clientprofile clientarea.png

2. After login navigate to Supports page the pin will show on the right top side.

Supportpin ticket.png

Procedure for the Modern theme

1. Login as a client or with your account on client area then hover the user icon on top and then below Manage your account users can see their support pin.

2. Navigate to the Supports page the pin will show on the right top side.

Modern theme.png