Rotld WHMCS Domain Registrar Module

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Installation Instruction

Step 1

After module purchase visit, log-in and proceed to "Services->My Services -> whmcs addon module - ROTLD Moduler" and from Right-hand menu choose Download This Product.

Step 2

After downloading, unzip archive contents in your computer and upload under WHMCS directory/modules/registrar/ Log-in into your WHMCS adminarea, proceed to Setup->Product/Services >> Domain Registrar Modules, locate your ROTLD module and choose "Activate"

Step 3

After Activate the module you click on configure button. You will find the Below fields :

1. REST API: Server address: Regid: ID of your ROTLD account Password: password of your ROTLD account

Licence Key : you can copy from our site.

Click on the save changes.

Note : You must have to enable 6090 , 5544 port for incoming & outgoing connection.