Recurring invoice Management

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How to install the module?

  • Download the module files from the WGS Client Area.
  • Extract the files.
  • Override Crons Folder and Modules Folder in your WHMCS Directory.
  • Login to WHMCS Admin
  • Go to Setup -> Addon Modules -> Recurring Invoice Management

WHMCS - Addons.png

  • Click on the Activate Button to activate.
  • After then configure it and add your license key.
  • Your module has been installed now.

How to generate a new recurring invoice?

WHMCS - Recurring Invoice Management Module by WGS.png

  • Go to Addons -> Recurring Invoice Management
  • Click on Recurring Invoice Management Tab
  • Select Client for whom you want to generate the ivoice
  • Select Invoice Type (Fixed Or Recurring)
  • Select Pay Term (7 Days, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi Annually, Annually)
  • Add Subscription Description
  • Add Invoice Item Description & Price
  • In case you want to apply Tax, select add tax feature
  • Add discount description and percentage in case you want to offer a discount.
  • Click on generate invoice.