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About Rack Manager

If you are currently maintained server inventory and IP administration in excel file then Rack Manager addon will help you to have it on 1 central location.

Relation With Customer

User need to be able to assign a server from the inventory to a customer, either based on IP or customer name/id.

Add Additional Servers

User will be able to add additional servers easily or alter them if needed. Preferably even able to add / remove fields in case in future he decide to expand the options.

Server Status

It is also possible there are some servers ‘not’ rented, so then if need to know exactly how many are ‘free’ and how many are ‘active’.

What does this Rack Manger WHMCS module do?

Server Management

The overview of the rack should have an identifier with the server hostname, and there should be an option when you ‘mouse over’ the server in the rack, it hands out info like Main ip, Hardware info and customer. If you click on it, it should open the exact server details page where everything is setup.

Switch Management

You can see and add the switch name option to choose the rack , assign the port range , speed like 1Gbit and assign the position. Each switch can be 24-ports or 48 ports (+ 4 uplink ports) and should be mannually added. User should be able to edit ports also, because some switches don’t have a server connected but a firewall, router uplink etc.

IP Management

Apart from the hardware inventory each client also has IPv4 and IPv6 space assigned.That should also be managable on device level.

Subnet Management

Subnet should have an overview of the current subnets and IPs ‘free’ in that subnet. Add subnets should contain following fields (IP range , Subnet , Location , Router , Port , Rack).

Rack Management

Each rack can be 42U or 46U units in height. The servers should be automatically ‘added’ on the correct rack position when a server is added in the list (current servers must be updated also!).

Links to WHMCS clients

Change CloudFlare cache behavior (Aggressive / Basic) Development Mode – turn on/off Development mode, in this case all the changes will be visible on the site immediately without CloudFlare cache.

Installation Instruction

Step 1

After module purchase visit https://whmcsglobalservices.com/members/clientarea/, log-in and proceed to "Services->My Services -> whmcs addon module - Rack Manager" and from Right-hand menu choose Download This Product.


Step 2

After downloading, unzip archive contents in your computer and upload under WHMCS directory/modules/addons/ Log-in into your WHMCS adminarea, proceed to Setup->Addon Modules, locate your Rack Manager module and choose "Activate"


Step 3

After configure the module you can see the Rack addon link under Addons Tab.

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WHMCS Rack Manger Video how its works

Check video guide on how to provide basic entries to Inventory Manager

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