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About WGS OpenProvider module

WISECP OpenProvider easily integrates with your OpenProvider account. You can use OpenProvider to automate tasks like domain provisioning and domain management. With this brand new automated domain registrar module, handling management tasks like domain registration, renewal, updates, and deletion becomes a lot easier.

Module Requirements

1. WiseCP installed
2. PHP 7.x
3. Ioncube 10 or later

How to upload the files

1. Log in to your client area and download OpenProvider latest module .

2. Extract module folder.

3. Navigate to the folder OpenProvider located in wisecp_dir/coremio/modules/Registrar/ in your extracted files

4. Now connect cPanel/FTP and navigate to the WISECP installation directory.

5. Open coremio > modules > Servers folder located in WISECP installation directory.

6. Upload the folder OpenProvider on correct path "wisecp_dir/coremio/modules/Registrar/".

How to activate the registrar module with WISCEP

1. Log in as your WHMCS admin.

2. Go to "Service">> "Domain Name Registration">> Domain Name Registrar.

3. Find "OpenProvider" registrar module.

4. Fill the required below paramater to activate the module a)User Id, b)Password, c)Test mode, d)Enable the option of auto update of cost, e)Set the cost currency, f)set the profit rate, g)Import Extension, h)License Key (You can get it from your WGS account)in given configuration fields.


7. Click on save changes to save the settings.

How it work on client side

1. Login as a client or with your account in the client area.

2. Navigate to My Domain

Clipboard-December-6-2021-3 11-PM-1.png

3.Select your register domain and click on manage button to se the product detail


4. After click on manage option you can see the Details on Detail tab on same product service page.


5.Client can edit the contact information and then update it on WHOIS Management tab on same product service page.

6. Client can manage DNS management, name server enable/disable DNSSEC on the DNS Mangement .

7. In order to prevent your domain from being transferred you can enable the transfer lock


8. Client can transfer his domain name to a different company, by click on the below button and send your transfer code to your saved conatact information.

Ss5 (1).jpg