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About Observium

Observium is an auto discovering network monitoring application used in the networking infrastructure.Our WHMCS+Observium module will help you to show real time usage through correct graphs,monitor bandwidth and bill for overages.

Observium WHMCS Billing Module Feature List:

  1. Show the real time data transfer speed for last month.
  2. Show the real time total traffic usage for last month.
  3. Show all the traffic billing summary.
  4. Notify client on 80% and 100%usage through custom email.
  5. Add billable item and invoice to client for overages.
  6. Billing based on bandwidth (95% method).
  7. Ability to see client historical data.


1) Active account at Observium.

2) Observium URL with "Username"and "Password" to login.

3) Billing should be enabled in Observium Server.

4) WGS License key.

5) WHMCS 7.2+ Version.

How to download the module files?

Please follow the link to download the module https://whmcsglobalservices.com/knowledgebase/where-do-i-download-my-purchases/

How to upload the module files?

Uploading the file in WHMCS Server for Observium

  1. Extract the file in one of the Local site directory at specific folder for observium which you have created like"whmcs_directory\modules\servers".
  2. Now in FTP at Remote site look for the observium folder in path:"/modules/servers" and upload that extracted Observium file from Local to Remote site.

Uploading the file in Observium Server

  1. After upoading the file in WHMCS observium file should be uploaded to observium server too.
  2. At FTP in Local site navigate to path:"observium\observium_directory\html".
  3. Look for the "whmcsapi.php" file and select it.
  4. Now upload "whmcsapi.php" file to Remote site at given path i.e."/opt/observium/html".

How to Configure the Module?

Server module configure steps

1. Go to Setup -> products/services and then create a product group named Observium.

2. After creating the group, Create a product with this group named Observium.

3. Now navigate to Setup -> products/services->Product Addons and then create a new addon by clicking on Add New Addon.

4. Choose Product Type Hosting Account(See below image marked as point 1)

5. Select the Module Name Observium(See below image marked as point 2)

6. Select the Server Group None.(See below image marked as point 3)

7. Enter the Observium API URL.(See below image marked as point 4)

7. Enter the Observium Username and Password.(See below image marked as point 5&6)

8. Enter the Overuses Price(0-Disable).(See below image marked as point 7)

8. Enter the Overuses Mail(0-Disable).(See below image marked as point 8)

9. Enter your valid License Key.(See below image marked as point 9)

10. Select the Billing Type between Quota or CDR 95th.(See below image marked as point 10)

11. Select the Bill Type between Megabits per second or Gigabits per second.(See below image marked as point 11)


Order Process

Go to Client Area and then place an order with Observium and then complete the order.


How to assign Billing ID to the Client

  1. For assigning the billing id we have to navigate to Observium Portal.
  2. Enter the Username and Password.
  3. Navigate to Ports->Traffic Accounting.
  4. Select one of the Billing Name and copy the billing id from the address bar as shown in image below.

Now at WHMCS side Enter the Billing ID after accepting the services of Observium.

Billing id.png

How your module looks and works

Observium addon.png

How to upgrade the Observium Module

In previous version:

  1. We configure the Observium by creating it in Product/Services.
  2. For this we navigated to Setup->Product/Services->Product Services.
  3. Click on Create New Product.
  4. Enter the "Details" for Observium,Set the pricing "Pricing",Configure the "Module Settings" and save changes.For this please find the below image.

But now in new upgraded version:

  1. We have to create the Product Addons for Observium by navigating to Setup->Product/Services->Product Addons.
  2. Click on Add New Addon and create Observium new addon.
  3. Enter the "Details" for Observium,Set the pricing "Pricing",Configure the "Module Settings",Map the Addons with product observium from applicable product and save changes.For this please find the image below.

WHMCS Product Addons Edit Addon (1).png

Note:Please take backup before upgrading the module.