MyPos Virtual gateway for whmcs

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1). Store ID.

2). Client Number

3). Settlement account

3). Private Key & Public Key

Where can I find the store id?

Log in your myPos merchant account. Click on the ecommerce tab. In left hand, you will find the online store link click on that. My online store page will appear and you can see your store id.


How to find the Client Number?

Log in to your myPas account. Click on the Profile tab.


How to find the settlement account number?

To find the Settlement account number follow the below screenshot.


How to generate the Private Key?

Private Key can be generated by clicking on the ‘Generate new keys’ button at > menu ecommerce > Online Stores > Keys menu.


You need to copy this myPOS™ Private Key to the WHMCS myPOS Payment Gateway field Private Key.

Admin scren shot.jpg

myPOS™ Public Certificate?

It is available for download at > menu eCommerce > Online stores > Keys menu.


You need to copy this myPOS™ Public certificate to the WHMCS myPOS Payment Gateway field Public Certificate.

How to download the module files?

Please follow the link to download the module

How to upload the module files?

  1. Extract the downloaded module folder MyPos.
  2. Under Modules folder in your whmcs, you will find folder i.e. Gateways.
  3. You need to upload that MyPos folder files under Gateways folder.

How to configure the module?

Addon module configure steps

Step 1. Log in to your WHMCS admin area. Go to Setup >> Payment >> Click on the Payment Gateways

Step 2). You will find the three-tab click on the all Payment gateways tab and you find myPos virtual in the list. Activate that.


Setting the merchant details

1).Enter the MyPos Store ID in text field.
2).Enter the MyPos Client Number field.
3).Enter the MyPos Settlement account number in respective field.
3).Enter the MyPos Private Key & Public Key in respective fields.

If you have enter the test merchant details then enable test mode for test purpose.