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About WGS Linode module

WGS linode For WISECP helps Clients to manage their complete server options from the WISECP client area, which means they do not need to login to the Linode account to manage them.

Module Requirements

1. WISECP installed

2. PHP 7.x

3. Ioncube 10 or later

Linode Requirements

1. Active account at Linode.

2. API Key

3. WGS Licence key.

How to find the API Key ?

1. Log in to the Linode Manager.

2. Select the my profile link.

3. Enter your password and click Authenticate.

4. Select the API Keys tab.

5. Optional: Type a label for the API key in the Label field.

6. Optional: Set an expiration time using the Expires dropdown menu.

7. Click the Create API Key button.

How to upload the files

1. Log in to your client area and download Linode latest module .

2. Extract module folder.

3. Navigate to the folder Linode located in wisecp_dir/coremio/modules/ in your extracted files

4. Now connect cPanel/FTP and navigate to the WISECP installation directory.

5. Open coremio > modules > Servers folder located in WISECP installation directory.

6. Upload the folder Linode on correct path "wisecp_dir/coremio/modules/".

How to configure the Addon?

1. Let's configure addon module first. Log in to your WISECP admin area. Go to toolls => Addon Modules . Afterwards, you will see the configuration page.

2. Fill the details in the given fields


2.1. Enter Api Url (

2.2. Enter Api Key

2.3. Enter License Key

2.4. Enter Username

2.5. Enter Prefix

2.6. Enter Linode Private IP Price

2.7. Enter Backup Price

2.8. Click on Save Button

2.9. Click on back button you will the tool menu over the header

2.10. Hover on tool you see the addon and then WGS Linode Manager


How to setup products in WISECP admin with WGS Linode Module?

1. Login to your WISECP Admin

2. Go to Addons -> WGS Linode Manager

3. Click on Product Settings, you will see all the products that have been assigned to WGS Linode in Products/Services.

Product setting 1.png

4. Select the Linode Plan, Kernal, Subscription Term, Swap Disk.

Product setting 2.png

5. Set the status to ON and click Save button.

Save button.png

How to assign an existing server to a client?

1. Login to your WISCEP Admin

2. Go to Addons -> WGS Linode Manager

3. Click on Assign Existing Server

4. Select Client Name

5. Select the Product Or Service

6. Select Server to Assign to the Client

7. Select Submit to Save Changes

Existing Product group.png

How to assign a new server to a client?

1. Login to your WISECP Admin

2. Go to Addons -> WGS Linode Manager

3. Click on Assign New Server

4. Select Client Name

5. Select Products

6. Select Payment Method

7. Enable/Disable Create Invoice

8. Enable/Disable Send Email

9. Select Billing Cycle

10. Select Linode Server


How to limit the Client Area Server Features?

WISECP admin can easily limit the client area features from the WISECP Linode Addon Module, follow these steps to do that.

1. Login to your WISECP Admin

2.Go to Addons -> WGS Linode Manager

3.Click on Product Settings.

4.Edit the product for which you want to limit the server features.

Server Feature.png

5.Set the features OFF that you do not want to show to the clients for that product.

On off feature.png

How to create a custom Stack Script in Linode Module?

1.Login to WISECP admin.

2.Go to WISECP Addon -> WISECP Linode Manager -> StackScripts

3.Click on Create a New Stackscript

Stack Script.png

4.Add required details and script and click on Save Script


5.After creating the Stack Script you need to assign it to the product.

6.You need to enable the Stack Script option again the product for which you want to add the Stack Script option.


Linode WISECP Module Order Process

1.Go to the WISECP client area and then place an order with Linode product and then complete the order.

  • Select Region
  • Select Image
  • Choose Addon if required
Order form.png

How your WISECP Client Area looks and works?

800px-New-Linode-Product Dashboard (1).png