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Installation Instruction

Step 1:Please download the Librenms server module and unzip the directory

Step 2:Upload the 'librenms' server module with your WHMCS, whmcsdir/modules/servers/

Step 3:Upload the 'billinglibrenms' addon module with your WHMCS, whmcsdir/modules/addons/

Step 4:Upload the 'over_usage_cron.php' cron file with your WHMCS, whmcsdir/crons/

Step 5:Upload the 'customapi.php' api file with your "LibreNMS Server" /opt/librenms/html/

Addon module configuration

Step 1: Login as WHMCS admin go to "Setup" > "Addons Modules" activate the "Billing Librenms" addon module.

Step 2: Enter API URL

Step 3: API Token

Step 4: License Key

Step 5: Save Changes

Module Configuration

Step 1: After upload the files, create a product group 'Other type' with your WHMCS, Under whmcs admin Setup > Products/Sevices > Products/Sevices > Create a new group.

Step 2: Create a product with this group and then under "Module Settings" select the module name 'Librenms' from drop down.

Step 3: After this configure the module, enter your configuration detail in all fields.

Step 3.1: Enter your API Url.

Step 3.1: Enter your API token, create API token access from ('your librenms server/api-access/').

Step 3.1: Bill quota (that is you want to assign with related product).

Step 3.1: Bill quota type (MB,GB,TB).

Step 3.1: Over Usage (you can set the over usage limit, if user cross this limit then module sent the notification email). for this you need to set this cron file 'over_usage_cron.php' with your Cpanel.

Step 3.1: Over Usage Price (you can set the over usage price, if your cross the assign limit, then module generate the over usage bill item according to your setup).

Step 3.1: Username (your librenms portal username).

Step 3.1: Password (your librenms portal password).

Step 4: Set your module according your requirement.

Step 5: Click on save changes.

Custom Fields

Module will be automatically create the custom fields with related product. but if you have running our old module version, so you have to make some changes with custom fields. please updates old custom fields name with these given below name.

Custom fields names are given below:-

   a) Hostname -> hostname|Hostname
   b) Interface -> interface|Interface
   c) Bill_id -> bill_id|Bill Id
   d) Bill_port_id -> bill_port_id|Bill Port Id
   e) Overusage -> overusage|Overusage
   f) Quota -> quota|Quota

Create service

1. Place order with this product and select your device and port during order.

2. Complete the order.

3. Go to 'My services' from client area and then manage your service. there you can see the traffic billing information and graphs as well as.