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ISDSL Internet Solutions whmcs module


Internet Solutions ADSL Capped and Uncapped WHMCS Provisioning module is the best WHMCS module to communicate with API that provides both Uncapped and Capped Internet Service.This module also provide ISDSL users an interface where they can see there information related to there ISDSL services and can also change there password.

Getting Started:

Go to and contact to support and request for API details. You are provided login details and you can login here to check account creation and other things.

Few prominent features :

  • Support Both Capped and Uncapped Internet Service
  • Create
  • Suspend
  • Unsuspend
  • Terminate and Change Password

Installation And Configuration Process

  • Extract and Upload the into your WHMCS installation of modules/servers/ folder.
  • Go to your WHMCS admin area and make two server group namely ISCapped and ISUncapped.
  • Now add the two servers namely ISCapped under server group ISCapped and ISUncapped under ISUncapped group respectively.
  • Now fill the server hostname as Caped for Capped and Uncaped for Uncapped Service.
  • After filling the hostname fill the server username with your api username for(Capped/Uncapped) and server password with api your password and save them, As shown in above images.
  • Now attach the provisioning module to Capped product and Configure the settings.
  • Now attach to Uncapped product and Configure the settings.
  • Now make product custom field named as "Comment" and mark it admin only for any system comment. See the below image
  • For Capped Service Set up the Usage Quota under Other tab option present at product configuration page.

Change Logs

  • Modules Extension field name has been changed with realm.
  • The default WHMCS username and password field available at clientservices.php page in WHMCS admin area will now be used as ISDSL User Credentials.
  • Username now formed for ISDSL Service will have First 6 characters of company name or firstname.lastname followed by WHMCS serviceid and then @ISDSL Service example:
  • In clientarea and admin area both have information related to service like Service Status, System Comment if any, Last Session IP,Last Session Length and Last Usage in case of Capped service.

How to test

  • Go to your clientarea order page and order the product with which you have attached ISDSL Provisioning module.
  • Now go to your clientarea service detail page and see the information related to your ISDSL service.
  • Now go to your adminarea and check the service related to the order that you have placed above you can find the complete information related to your ISDSL service.
  • You can change the password, terminate, suspend and unsuspend the ISDSL services as well from the admin area service detail page.
  • You can also see the progress bar related to the quota used by you for your ISDSL Capped service.