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Iredmail WHMCS Module


Connect to MySQL:

mysql -uroot -p

Create a new user:


Grant new user access to Iredmail Database:

GRANT SELECT , INSERT , UPDATE , DELETE ON  `*Iredmail DB*` . * TO  '**whmcsman'@'WHMCS-IP**';

Logout of MySQL



On Iredmail server, Add a new firewall rule to allow accessto MySQL server only from WHMCS server IP:

/sbin/iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -s **WHMCS-Server IP** -p tcp --destination-port 3306 -j ACCEPT

Save Firewall rule

 service iptables save

Setup Guide for Module

How to download the module files?

Please follow the link to download the module

How to upload the module files?

  1. Extract the downloaded module folder
  2. Under Modules folder, you will find folder i.e. iredmail.
  3. You need to upload that servers folder to WHMCS directory (whmcs_root/modules/servers/). It will copy the required module files and nothing will be over written.



Setup > Products/Services > Servers >

Afterwards press 'Add New Server'.


Create Server

Set ireadmail Database User & Database password, in WHMCS Admin (don’t forget to add the new server in a server group):.

  1. Server Name : Enter server name for ireadmail.
  2. Hostname : Enter your Iredmail DB hostname.
  3. IP Address : Enter IP Address of your Remote DB.
  4. Type : Choose Iredmail
  5. Username : Enter Iredmail Database username
  6. Password : Enter Iredmail Database password
  7. Hash key field : Enter Iredmail Database name
  8. Port Number 3306

Create Server Group

After setup server you have to configure server group.

Now you need to create a new group for your server. For that purpose press 'Create New Group'.


Assign Server to Group

Enter name, click on your previously created server, press 'Add' then 'Save Changes'.


Creating Products / Configuration

Check / Create Product Group

First create a new Email Hosting Product group in WHMCS:

Setup > products/services > products/services > Create a New Group

Create a Ired Email Product

This will be used to create Ireadmail account & Domain

Setup > products/services > products/services > Create a New Product

Configure Product Module Setting

You may set each product with different settings and sell different type of products like you can define your own setting in module setup or allow user to choose to use account limit & size.

  1. Module Name: Choose the module name IredMail from the drop-down.
  2. Server Group : Choose the previously created server group.
  3. Manage Quota By : Admin or User.Admin- As the name suggests Quota will be managed by Admin from admin area like the What will be the quota type - Custom or Unlimited,what value will be assigned to new user by default, Number of users who can use the product.User- Quota will be managed by user from the client area.User will be able to choose the quota value and number of users as per their need and they will be charged based on their configuration, price will be set by admin.
  4. Domain Quota Type: Custom Or Unlimited ( Visible only if the Quota is managed by Admin)
  5. Domain Quota Size : MB,GB, TB
  6. Account Size: Enter the value of Quota like 512,1024 etc..( Visible only if the Quota is managed by Admin & Domain Quota type is custom.)
  7. Default Quota of new Users:Enter the value of Quota which will be assigned to user by default.
  8. Account Limit: Enter the number of users.
  9. Module Licensekey: Enter License Key

In setting for mail accounts enter the values as shown in the picture.

  1. MTA Transport: True.
  2. SBD: true.
  3. Password Scheme : SSHA512.
  4. Password Prefix: True.
  5. Append Timestamp : True
  6. Hashed: True
  7. Prepend Domain: True
  8. Web Mail URL: Enter WebMail URL

Product Configuration

  1. Go to Setup > Products/Services > Configurable Options and click the edit icon next to the option group you want to modify.
  2. At the top of the page you can edit the name, description and assigned products.
  3. A new configuration option can be created and the existing one can be modified with edit button.
  4. Click on edit button or add new button.A new window will appear.
  5. Enter the option name or modify the existing one.
  6. Option Type:Quantity
  7. Minimum Quantity Required: Enter value for minimum quantity
  8. Maximum Allowed:Enter the maximum limit.
  9. Pricing: enter the price.

Client Area

IRedMail allows your customers to create email accounts from your WHMCS client area.This is how it looks like in the client area.

Enter the number of users, user Quota & domain name while ordering the product (In case the product is managed by admin then customer only needs to enter domain name).
Once the order will be accepted, the product will appear as active.
Click on the product and it will look like this.

Domain- there are 3 options under this tab.

Add Email- Customer can create the email accounts here. They can not exceed the limits ( i:e number of users & the quota value). They will be able to manage the accounts from here like:

Change password Forward the email of this account to a new account. Delete the account Disable it

Web Mail- Open Web Mail.

Catch -All- Enter the email address where you want to get spam mails.

Click on Add email fill the required information and a new email account will be created like this.

Configurable Options:

		User can check the configurations here like the number of users.

Additional Information:

               User can check the domain here.

Upgrade/ Downgrade- Customer can upgrade and down grade the product by using this option.

  1. Upgrade/Downgrade- is used when user wants to upgrade the product.
  1. Upgrade/Downgrade Options – is used when user wants to change the number of users.