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General Information

We all know GST in India is launched which will replace all the previous different taxes and only GST will be applicable. With this, there come problems for all the online store owners as to how to integrate GST with there store or online portals. This WHMCS GST module helps users to overcome the initial problem that has arisen due to GST.


  • WHMCS V6 - 7 or above Installed
  • WHMCS DB User must have all permissions of the DB before installation and activation of this ADDON.
  • GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON db_base.* TO db_user @'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'db_passwd';

How to download the module files?

  • Login WGS Client Area
  • Under the downloads section, you will find WHMCS GST Module files.

How to install the module?

Find the detailed procedure to install the GST module files in your WHMCS Instance.

How to upload the module files?

  • Extract the downloaded module folder.
  • Under un-zip module folder, "gsttax" folder can be found. You need to upload that module folder to WHMCS addon directory (whmcs_root/modules/addons/).
  • Grant the "0777" permission to "upload" folder (whmcsdir/modules/addons/gsttax/).
  • Upload the templates file to your current template folder (whmcsdir/templates/your current template/).
  • Upload the "fonts" folder files with your WHMCS (whmcsroot/assets/fonts/).

Note: Only upload the fonts folder files. don't replace the folder with the existing one.

How to activate the addon module?

  • Login as your WHMCS admin and Go to Setup >> Addon Modules >> find the "WGS GST Tax" addon module.
  • Add the license key.
  • Activate the module.

How to configure the addon module?

  • Select your specific state.
  • Enter the value how much records you want to display on single page.
  • Enter your License key.
  • Enter your GSTIN code .
  • Enter your old tax label for example (14% Swash bhart).
  • Enter your old tax label2 for example (.5% KCC).
  • Enter your old service tax number for example (1234567890).
  • Enable "Delete Database Table" to delete the addon module database table when deactivating the module.
  • Grant access to the admin user.

How to upload the signature?

Go to "Addons" >> "WGS GST TAX" under "Upload Sign" tab. upload your signature.


How to update the module?

Note: Take the backup of GST module related database table which are index (mod_gst) and Whmcs files.

  • Download the latest files from our site and upload it with your WHMCS server.
  • After uploading the files. login as WHMCS admin and go to "Addons" >> "WGS GST Tax" addon module >> click on "Update module settings" button to update the new added settings.


How to show the rupees symbol on pdf?

  • In download module folder you can find the "fonts" folder. upload this folder files with your WHMCS (whmcsroot/assets/fonts/).
  • Login as whmcs admin.
  • Go to "Setup" >> "General Settings" >> "Invoices" >> find the "PDF Font Family" >> choose "Custom" type >> enter the font family name "dejavusans".

Note: Only upload the fonts folder files. don't replace the folder with the existing one.