Configure Cron Job:Soyoustart WHMCS Module

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Step 1). First of all copy the crons folder files and upload in your existing crons folder file.

Step 2). After upload the files edit the config.php in your cron folder and set the whmcsbase path in whmcsurl variable.

Step 3). Set the following cron job :

Minute Hour Day Month Weekday Command
*/5 * * * * php -q /YOURWHMCSCRONFOLDER/soyoustartcron_vps.php
*/5 * * * * php -q /YOURWHMCSCRONFOLDER/soyoustartcron_dedicated.php
*/30 * * * * php -q /YOURWHMCSCRONFOLDER/syc_soyoustartcron.php.php

How to test the cron job?

To test the cron job follow the below easy steps.

Step 1). Make sure you have assign the server to user or user purchased the server from you and that is running mode.

Step 2). Login as a client which customer have server. Go to client product service in your WHMCS client area. And view the server details page than click on Power tab and click on the Netboot button choose Rescue in Rescue mode and boot it.

Once the process completed end user will get the mail.