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Cloudflare WHMCS module

Cloudflare WHMCS module is an amazing module which allows cloudflare users to add and manage website of their clients via WHMCS. It is for all cloudflare users who have account on cloudflare(Free, Pro, Business, Enterprise). It provides a great feature of adding websites automatically to cloudflare account from WHMCS. Once any online website added to Cloudflare, it protects and accelerates website.

Our module will work in two modes with customer who will order a product. The website admin can set this config for customers.

  • If customer wants to add new website to cloudflare account
  • If customer wants to access website that is already added to cloudflare

Moreover website owner can proceed in two ways, as we have two type of products. As described below:

  • If a customer who will order a product, want to add website to cloudflare of own choice. The website owner must go with our cloudflare provisioning module along with addon module is available. What is more, Website owner can decide permissions for user from admin.
  • If a customer who will order a product, want to add website to cloudflare, that has purchased from website and want to add to cloudflare. The website owner go with our admin area addon module with an additional product addon. Customer will purchase addon, website will automatically added to cloudflare.

Setup Guide for Module

Installation steps and procedure with combo of server module and admin area addon

1. Upload server module to modules->servers. Upload admin area addon module to modules-> addons

2. Let’s configure server module. Login as admin to whmcs.


3. Go to setup->products/services, Create a product, under Module settings, Select cloudflarev4 Module.

3.1 Enter License key.

3.2 Fill Cloudflare API URL:

3.3 Enter your cloudflare account username.

3.4 Enter password of your cloudflare account.

3.5 Enter cloudlfare API key.

3.6 Select customfield for domain to enter by customer will come to your site and choose website of their own choice.

3.7 Very carefully, Website Cloudflare, If you already have account on cloudflare and already added websites of your customers to cloudflare. At this stage, you want to provide cloudflare services to your clients. Then you can check this tickbox.

4. Only registered domain customer can add to cloudflare.


Module will not work with invalid domain. So customer can proceed with valid domain only.

5. Go to setup-> Addon Modules. Activate cloudflarev4 module. Enter details.


6. After successful activation, Go to Addons and select cloudflare v4.


7. This will open to list of your websites which you have added to cloudflare.

8. Tab “Account” will enable you to edit your account details of your cloudflare account.

9. Tab “Settings” enables you to manage tabs for your customers. Which you want to allow and disallow for your customers.

Installation steps and procedure of admin area addon and product addons

1. Upload admin area addon to modules->addons directory

2. After successful activation of addon. Go to setup-> products/services.

3. Create a product of for cloudflare, Domain must be required for product to be created.

4. Go products/services-> product addons, Create a product for cloudflare and attach with product.

5. Now Go to Addons-> Cloudflare V4. Here you can see one additional tab, click on Addons.

6. If you want that your addon will add websites to cloudflare then choose addon in first option. but if you have websites already in your cloudlfare account, then choose addon in second option.

7. If your customer has already services on whmcs. Then also this module is very easy to configure. Even though websites already in cloudflare account.


8. For WHMCS version 5 or less than 5, Go to templates->activeTemplateDirectory->clientareaproductdetails.tpl and place link for cloudflare

{if $cloudflare}<li><a href="index.php?m=cloudflarev4&zone={$cloudflare}&serviceid={$}"


9. Add the language variable in your language file like : whmcsdir/lang/english.php
$_LANG['cloudflare_heading'] = "Cloudflare";
$_LANG['cloudflare_item'] = "Manage Cloudflare";

No need to add anything in WHMCS 6 version

How your module looks and works

CloudFlare Website

When client has added website to cloudflare, then at the first time module will show website in "Pending" state along with
cloudflare name servers, original name servers. You have to change your name servers in your registrar so that your website
traffic will route through cloudflare filtered network and make your website more secure and fast
When website is in “Active” state. You can see tabs, to manage your website in cloudflare from WHMCS client area

CloudFlare Analytics

You can see website's stat in graphical view (Pageviews, Unique visitors, Requests & Bandwidth saved by CloudFlare)

CloudFlare DNS Settings

You can manage website's DNS settings and DNS records. Look at blue circled area, You can add a new DNS record (of
type A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, SPF, TXT, NS), edit previously added records and can delete no more required DNS records.
The DNS records which are routed through cloudflare, you can see they have up cloud for their status

CloudFlare Crypto Settings

Cryptography is storing and transmitting data in an encrypted form so that only those for whom it is intended can read and
process it. Cloudflare crypto enables you to manage that how your website supports SSL certificate

CloudFlare Firewall Settings

Firewall helps you to set your security level, challenge time and browser integrity check.You can whitelist and block IPs
as according to you. You can also add notes for each added IP whether is block, whitelist or in challenge state

CloudFlare Speed Settings

You can control speed of your website with cloudflare using its Auto Minify, Rocket Loader, Mobile Redirect,Max Upload
file size

CloudFlare Caching Settings

Caching is one of the main feature of cloudflare. You can set caching level for your website, can set browser cache 
expiration time.If you have made changes in a single file of your website then you can purge a single file, you also
have a option to purge all files from cloudflare cache.Sometimes server goes offline, But if you put on “Always Online”
feature then cloudflare manage to show static version of your website to users. If your website is under construction 
then you can “on” development mode to make changes

CloudFlare ScrapeShield Settings

These settings save website from spammers, bots. Users are not able to use images hosted on your server by putting on 
Hotlink Protection

Cron with module

Note: Admin Area addon Module
         If you are choosing product addons to add website to cloudflare, then you have two optios:
         1. While configuring addon module, If you choose default cron, then no need to do anything.
         2. If that option is unticked and you want to add you own cron time interval. In downloaded
            directory there is a file named "cloudflareCron.php". You can upload this file to your 
            whmcs installation and add your own cron in your cPanel.
            If you have WHMCS6, it is recommend you to upload file in crons/ directory

How do i get started with CloudFlare ? to sign up for a free account.

Follow their 5- minute configuration wizard

{{#ev:youtube|lzEjSlEvlyI|800|center| Configration wizard for cloudflare}}