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About ClientX WHMCS Client Area Template

ClientX Template is designed to give your customers smooth user experience. Our custom UI of the ClientX WHMCS Client Area Template is clear and very professional. Moreover, it provides a full-width screen, RTL support, as well as the ability to manage the color combinations.

How to upload files with WHMCS?

Step 1 Hit the following link to Login into your Client Area i.e.

Step 2 Now go to your services and click on Clientx WHMCS Template Service

Step 3 Then click on, Download the ClientX Theme on the according to your WHMCS version and php version

Clientx 1.png

Step 4 Once you have done that a zip file will start downloading

How to install ClientX template?

Step 1 Extract the downloaded zip file.

Clientx child 2.png

Step 2 Now, connect to your local FTP Client example: FileZilla, cPanel, etc using your credentials

Step 3 Open the extracted folder in your FTP client while connecting to your WHMCS setpup

Chilentx child 3.png

Step 4 Double click on the extracted folder to get into the dircetory where you will see the three custom pages highlighted in the screenshot below(left side)

Step 5 Upload these three pages to root directory of whmcs, rename these pages by removing "_new" so that our files will look like this screenshot below(right side)

Clientc child 4.png

Step 6 Now open the templates folder on both side extracted build and WHMCS setup

Clientx child 5.png

Step 7 Upload clientx-child folder to your WHMCS setup (whmcs_root/templates/)

726 Screenshot 5.png

Step 8 Now open template/clientx-child/custom_files/ remove "_new" from the files so that its look like as our setup

Clientx child 6.png

Step 9 Open orderforms folder on both side i.e the extracted build and your WHMCS setup side

Cilentx child 7.png

Step 10 Upload cartx_child folder to your WHMCS Setup under orderforms folder (whmcs_root/templates/orderforms/)

Clientx child 8.png

Step 11 Open addons on both side i.e extracted build and your WHMCS setup side

Clientx child 9.png

Step 12 Upload clientx folder under WHMCS setup addons folder (whmcs_root/modules/addons/).

Cilentx child 10.png

Step 13 Go to the lang folder on both side i.e extracted build and WHMCS setup

731 Screenshot 10.png

Note: If you have already overrides folder under your lang folder. Please skip next step [step14] and follow this Link for language setup

Step 14 Upload overrides folder under lang folder over your WHMCS setup (whmcs_root/lang/overrides).

Clientx child 11.png

Now all files are uploaded. Let's configure the theme and addon module

How to activate ClientX with WHMCS?

1. Go to WHMCS admin > click on this icon as shown in the screenshot below

Clientx child theme 12.png

2. After clicking on the above icon , click on System Settings.

Clientx child 14.png

3. In the Search bar search for the Addon Modules then click on at "Addon Modules"

Clientx child 15.png

Note: If you get OOPS error after clicking on Addon Modules, please follow this Link to rectify it

4. After that you can see the list of all available addon modules. Find “Wgs Clientx” Addons module

4.1. Further click on the Activate button to activate the "Wgs Clientx" Addons module

Clientx child 16.png

5. After clicking on activation, please select configure button to configure the module.

Clientx child 17.png

6. Now, put the License key in the field provided and give access right to the user groups and then click on save changes.

6.1 To get the License key Login with your purchase services in your WGS account at the given Link

Clientx child 18.png

7. Now you can see the Addons module will be listed here in the Addon section under your Wgs Clientx as shown in the below screenshot

Clientx child 19.png

Now Clientx Addon Module is configured lets Set Clientx Child theme as default template and Cartx Child as Default orderform

How to Set Clientx Child theme as default template and Cartx Child as Default orderform

1. For this click on the System Settings

Clientx child 19.png

2. In the search bar search for the General Settings then click at "General Settings".

Clientx child 21.png

3. After clicking on the general setting, further click on the General tab then select the clientx theme from the dropdown list

Clientx child 22.png

4. After the above step now click on the ordering tab to configure the orderform.

745 Screenshot 23.png

5. After clicking on the ordering tab, select Cartx Child(Default) option and then click on save changes button below to activate the orderform

746 Screenshot 24.png

For those who have already installed clientx and update to version 3.0.0 Please follow this Link

How to switch Menu Styles of ClientX?

With ClientX client area theme, WHMCS admins can easily switch the menu styles as per their requirements. We have given multiple options for the menu layouts.

Menu Style Change ClientX.png
  • Top Menu Navigation
  • Side Menu Navigation
  • Both Top and Side Menu Navigation

Here is the detailed procedure to do that:

How to change Color Schemes in ClientX?


We have provided an option to our users to match the color schemes of the WHMCS Client Area according to their main website. Now there is no limit to change the colors.

ClientX WHMCS Color Scheme Changer.png

Here is how you can manage the colors of ClientX:

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