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About WGS Blesta ClientX Theme

ClientX Blesta client area theme is up to completely reshape the experience of your client area. Open the door for financial harmony with your Blesta business.


1. Blesta installed
2. PHP 7.x
3. Ioncube 10 or later

How to download the Clientx

Step 1 Go to the website:

Step 2 Next, log in to your Client Area:

Step 3 Now, Download the ClientX Theme

Step 4 Once you have done that a zip file will start downloading.

How to upload the files in Clientx

Step 1 Extract the downloaded zip file.

Step 2 Now, connect to your local FTP Client example: FileZilla, cPanel, etc

Step 3 Next, Put the address of your extracted (Blesta) file in the Local Site bar.

Step 4 Open the extracted  Blesta folder in your local FTP Client.

Step 5 Upload the extracted folder to your Blesta installation directory

Step 1.png

Step 6 After extracting files upload the clientx folder to the given path:/public_html/app/views/client/over blesta set up. Then go to the following path on your blesta setup.

Step 2.png

Step 7 Extract the directory path and upload the _global.php variable and upload the file into blesta set up directory path.

Step 3.png

Step 8 Copy all the code which is started from the of clientX in this file and paste at the end of the same files(_global.php) over your server.

Step 4.png

Step 9 Upload the directory to the following path /public_html/plugins/over the server.

Step 5.png

Step 10 Please note before upload all the files take a backup of the existing one.

Then go to the following path/public_html/plugins/download_manger/views/default/ and rename default file(client_main.pdt) to client_main.pdt==default . After that  upload the new file from the downloaded directory.

Step 6.png

Step 11 Before uploading the files take the backup of the existing one or rename it to the default.

Then go to the following path/public_html/plugins/download_manger/views/default/ and rename both default files before uploading/overriding.

Step 7.png

Step 12 Now upload the cartx folder to the same location over your server.

Step 8.png

Step 13 Upload these 9 files which shown in the below screenshot to the same location /public_html/plugins/download_manger/views/default/ of your server.

Step 9.png

How to set up the license key in ClientX

Step 1 Go to the following path /public_html/plugins/clientx/on your server. Then open the config.json file.

Step L 1.png

Step 2 In the next step as you can see in the below screenshot put the license key here then save the file.

Step L 2.png

How to activate the Plugin?

After the license activation process how to activate the module.

Step 1 Go to the setting menu.

Step act 1.png

Step 2 After selecting the setting option, there is a Plugins option to choose. Click on that.

Step act 2.png

Step 3 After selecting the plugins, click on the install button.

Step act 3.png

Step 4 After all the process clientX plugin is Installed Successfully on your portal.

Step act 4.png

How to activate the ClientX template

Let's configure the ClientX template with your Blesta.

Step 1 Go to the "Setting" menu

Step temp 1.png

Step 2 Go to setting >> "Look and Fee" option

Step temp 2.png

Step 3 Go to Setting >> Look and Feel >> click on "Template" 

Step temp 3.png

Step 4 Go to Setting >> Look and Feel >> Template >>Select Template by dropdown= "ClientX" 

Step 5 Save changes

Step temp 4.png

Summary: Now clientX is your default client area template.

How to activate the order form in packages

Step 1 Select the order form option in the package.

Step act odr 1.png

Step 2 Click on the (+) add order form

Step act odr 2.png

Step 3 Next step choose the cart name and cart label as your choice. Then select the cartx template from here by checking the radio button.

Step act odr 3.png

Note: Fill in all the information below and continue by clicking on the add form button to the setup form.

Step 4 After the all process order form is creating successfully on your portal and ready to use.

Step act odr 4.png

Knowledgebase & FAQ's

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