CPanel Reseller WHMCS Module Installation Guide & Documentation

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cPanel Reseller Module

Provisioning Module

This module offers automatic provision of cPanel accounts from WHMCS with specified details. It also facilitates

To suspend account when a service become overdue on payment or can also be done by WHMCS admin user manually

To activate suspended accounts

To terminate ownCloud accounts and all their related data from server. This process can not be undone.

Client Area of Provisioning Module

Provisioning module is helps to provide customers a cPanel Reseller Central which is WHM login but with limited features. Customers can login to their accounts with single click. Your customers will no longer need to leave your website to manage accounts, packages, feature lists, network status from WHMCS client area.

Addon Module

This module provides you the admin control of cPanel Reseller central. You can manage your all customers accounts, packages, feature list, custom skeleton, software availablity, reports.

WHMCS Admin Area Addon for cPanel Reseller


  • Upload whm directory of admin area addon
  • Activate it
     Setup > Addon Modules
  • Locate Owncloud module
     Addons > cPanel/WHM

Step 1: Now let's learn more about module's functionalities. On home page a graphical view of countries and available locations.

Cpanel reseller home.png

Step 2: To make use of admin center, first of all you must fill data for locations tab. Otherwise you are not able to use client area along with admin area.

Cpanel reseller locations.png

Step 3: Admin can control features available in a feature list for resellers. Admin also can manage feature lists created by resellers.

Cpanel reseller list features.png

Step 4: All resellers packages are available in admin area to manage by admin user of plugin.

Cpanel reseller packages.png

Step 5: Here is a look of all accounts of all resellers for admin user.

Cpanel reseller account.png

Step 6: Custom skeleton uploads by resellers can be managed by admin user.

Cpanel reseller skeleton.png

Step 7: Software list provided by Softaculous.

Cpanel reseller software.png

Step 8: Bulk account limit can be adjusted by admin user and also mark off bulk account feature for resellers.

Cpanel reseller bulkaccount.png

Step 9: Reports are helpful for admin user to view stat of locations, accounts.

Cpanel reseller reports.png

WHMCS Provisioning Module for cPanel Reseller


  • Upload whm directory of provisioning module
  • Create Product for "whm" and Proceed to configure "whm" provisioning Module
     Setup > Products/Services
  • Click on Tab Module Settings
     Select Whm module

Step 1: Now let's start configuration of module for resellers. In below image, you can see the options available to configure. You must enter value for "Reseller Disk Space" and "Reseller Band Width" even you are using predefined package for account.

Cpanel reseller module configuration.png

Step 2: On client area module approach is from bottom to up. To add accounts first of all reseller has to add feature list for accounts.

Cpanel reseller ca create featurelist.png

Step 3: Add packages corresponding to available feature lists which you have created in step 2.

Cpanel reseller ca create package.png

Step 4: Now you are ready to add cPanel accounts on selected location and with given specification. Make sure while adding account username should be at least of 8 characters and in lowercase.

Cpanel reseller ca create account.png

To add more than one account but within given limit, you can use "Create Bulk Accounts" feature.

Cpanel reseller ca bulkaccount.png

You can modify added accounts, can change nameservers, bandwidth, disk space, password from WHMCS client area.

Step 5: You can easily migrate accounts from one location to another available location.

Cpanel reseller ca migrate account.png

Step 6: To use cloudflare feature. First configure your cloudflare account with module.

Cpanel reseller ca cloudflare configuration.png

Now you are ready to add accounts to cloudflare with just one click.

Cpanel reseller ca cloudflare manager.png

Step 7: Reseller user can upload skeleton for their customers and can install skeleton and software later on any account.

Cpanel reseller skeleton software.png

Step 8: Reseller can see list of accounts showing server, username, password, location, ip address and single click login.

Cpanel reseller list account.png

Step 9: You can also view Network status of each location. Which helps reseller to take a better decision to choose location for accounts.

Cpanel reseller ca network status.png

Cron files in cPanel Reseller

Note: In downloaded module files, There are two cron files that are very important for module named below:
   1. cPanelcron.php: This file is mandatory to migrate accounts from one location to another. 
     You can set this file in your cPanel cron for every 3minutes, 5 minutes and as you want 
     your migration happened after particular time interval.
   2. cPanelStatcron.php: This file is mandatory to update the stat showing graph on each page of module.
      This is recommend to run this at least after every half an hour.