BlockchainV2 gateway for whmcs

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Blockchain WHMCS Gateway Module

This module allows you to accept FREE Bitcoin transactions from your customers using's Receiving blockchain v2 API. No account is required, just fill in your Bitcoin address and receive payments instantly.

You may specify a number of confirmations that WHMCS must wait for before an invoice is marked Paid.

Installation Instruction

Step 1. Please download our module from your account under My Products

Step 2. Upload blockchainv2.php file and blockchainv2 directory to whmcsdir/modules/gateways/

Step 3. Upload callback/blockchainv2.php file to whmcsdir/modules/gateways/callback/

Step 4. Let’s configure gateway module. Login as admin to whmcs.


Step 5. Go to Setup->Payment->Payment Gateways, Active Blockcahin V2, under All Payment Gateways (For Whmcs V6) OR Select Activate Module (For Whmcs V5).

5.1 Enter License key.

5.2 Enter your vaild licence key.

5.3 Enter your Api Key.

5.4 Enter number of confirmations required before an invoice is marked 'Paid' (It is a optional fields by-default it is empty we will update in next api)

Note: When you install blockchain v2 whmcs gateway module please uninstall blockchain v1 module because same default function will be conflict with each other.