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About AWS Lightsail Cloud WHMCS Module

AWS Lightsail WHMCS Module is an all-in-one solution that will allow you to resell the AWS services directly within Blesta in few simple steps. With this, you can automate, supervise, and enhance your Amazon Lightsail provisioning business directly from your Blesta even without any technical assistance.


1. Blesta installed
2. PHP 7.x
3. Ioncube 10 or later

How to upload files with Blesta?

1. Extract the downloaded module folder and open your FTP

2. Under the components folder, you will find a modules folder that includes another folder named “aws lightsail” . Now, you just need to upload the module folder “aws lightsail ” to the Blesta modules directory (blesta_root/components /modules/).


3. Under the plugins folder, you will find the aws lightsail folder that you need to upload here:(blesta_root/plugins/).


How to generate AWS Lightsail API for the module?

1. To resell AWS Servers you must need an API key, for which you need to login to the Amazon AWS Management Console, under the My Account Drop Down select "My Security Credentials".


2. Now go to 'Access Keys (access key ID and secret access key) section.


3. In case you have already generated the API keys, you will find them in this section, otherwise please click on "Create New Access Key"


4. This will generate a new Access Key for you, select and copy this Access Key for further use.


How to install blesta plugin

1. Log in to your admin Blesta account.

Note: Navigate to > Settings > Modules > Tab available > find ‘AWS lightsail’ module > Install.

2. Click on manage > Enter License Key, API Key and Secret Key > save.

Iremail 1.png

Note: In order to get the API Key and API Secret Key, follow this link

Ired mail2.png

How to configure the module

1. For Create configurable Option > click on Add Configurable options button to create configurable options.


2. Navigate to > Settings > Plugins > Find the ‘Aws Lightsail plugin` and click the `Install` button to install it.

3. Now, Navigate to menu bar and select Aws lightsail

4. Here you will add your Launch Script according to your Instance. Click Submit.

Unnamed (75).png

5. Navigate menu bar > Packages > Package Groups > Create a Package Group there.


6. Navigate menu bar > Packages > Packages > Create New Package > Select Configurable Options ‘AWSlightsail’ > Select module ‘AWS lightsail’ > Select Platform > Select Package group > Create package.


Note:After completing the mentioned process, you can process your orders.