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About AdminX WHMCS Client Area Hosting Template

Designed with utmost precision and packed with powerful features, AdminX WHCMS theme and template offers a refreshing twist on WHMCS themes, bringing a modern and intuitive interface to the forefront. Optimize your operations, attract more customers, and ultimately drive the success of your web hosting business.

How to upload files with WHMCS?

Step 1 Hit the following link to Login into your Client Area i.e.

Step 2 Now go to your services and click on AdminX WHMCS Template Service

Step 3 Then click on, Download the Admin X WHMCS Template on the according to your WHMCS version and php version


Step 4 Once you have done that a zip file will start downloading

How to install Adminx template?

Step 1 Extract the downloaded zip file.

Admin1 1.png

Step 2 Now, connect to your local FTP Client example: FileZilla, cPanel, etc using your credentials and go the following path as shown in the screenshot below.

Adminx2 2.png

Step 3 To open the admin folder, locate the default admin folder. However, please note that in your specific case, you may have used a custom admin folder name such as "member," "panel," or "billing." Therefore, open the WHMCS admin folder based on your specific configuration.

Admin2 3.png

Step 4 Upload the override folder here so adminx language variable will be there

Admin4 4.png

Step 5 Now your overrides folder is under your lang folder.

Admin5 5.png

Note: If you have already overrides folder under your lang folder. Please skip [step 5] and follow this Link for language setup.

Step 6 Now on both side open the same path as shown in the screenshot below.

Adminxxx 6.png

Step 7 Now, as you can see in the screenshot below, please rename the "login.tpl" file to "login.tpl_default". This will allow you to change the login view to the default one whenever needed. If you do not wish to use the adminx login page, you can skip uploading the "login.tpl" file here.

Logintpl 7.png

Step 8 Now on both side open the same path as shown in the screenshot below and upload your login.tpl file under the admin/templates folder.

Log2nd 8.png

Step 9 Now on both side open the same path as shown in the screenshot below and upload your adminx folder under the admin/templates folder.

Adminnnt 9.png

Step 10 Now go to the following path on both side as mentioned in the screenshot.

Template 10.png

Step 11 Now upload the extracted folder and then upload adminx folder to the following path "/modules/addons/

Lasttt 11.png

Now all files are uploaded. Let's configure the theme.

Ativation 1.png

How to activate Adminx with WHMCS?

1. Go to WHMCS admin > click on this icon and click on System Settings.


2. In the Search bar search for the Addon Modules then click on at "Addon Modules".

Activation 3.png

3. After that you can see the list of all available addon modules. Find “Wgs Adminx” Addons module and click on the Activate button to activate .

Ativation 5.png

4. After clicking on activation, please select configure button to configure the module.

5. Now, put the License key in the field provided and give access right to the user groups and then click on save changes.

5.1 To get the License key Login with your purchase services in your WGS account at the given. Link


6. Now you can see the Addons module will be listed here in the Addon section under your Wgs Adminx as shown in the below screenshot.

How to Setup Adminx theme as default template

1. Now go to My Account as shown in the below screenshot.


2. After clicking on the My Account, further click on the My account tab then select the template "Adminx" from the dropdown list and click on save change to activate the theme.


3. After all process your theme is activate and live.