Account Statement Installation Guide & Documentation

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Installation Instruction

Account Statement Module for WHMCS

Download the module files

After module purchase visit, log-in and proceed to "Services->My Services -> Account Statement r" and from Right-hand menu choose Download This Product.


Install & Configure

After downloading, unzip archive contents in your computer and upload under WHMCS directory/modules/addons/ Log-in into your WHMCS adminarea, proceed to Setup->Addon Modules, locate your Account Statement module and choose "Activate"


Access the module

After configure the module you can see the Account Statement link under Addons Tab.


Module Setting

In addon module setting tab you can set all the setting.

  • Pdf paper size : Admin can select pdf paper format like A4 or Letter format.
  • Font family : Admin can select desired font or can upload their own font that will be displayed in pdf.
  • Invoice type : Admin can select weather they want to send Paid/unpaid or both types of report to their customer.

Features for admin to stop automatic account statements. Admin can select Invoice statement cycle like monthly, Quaterly, Annually.Basically how module work cycle wise. Suppose if you install the module on 18th May 2018 then it will send statement for invoice paid(if you have set invoice paid option Monthly eg. attached screenshot) between 18th April to 18th May 2018.