AWS Lightsail Cloud WHMCS Module

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About AWS Lightsail Cloud WHMCS Module

AWS Lightsail Cloud WHMCS Module allows users to easily resell the best selling cloud servers of AWS Lightsail in their WHMCS. Moreover, their clients get options to manage the complete server from the WHMCS client area itself.

How to install AWS Lightsail Cloud WHMCS Module?

How to upload files with WHMCS?

1. Extract the file according to the specific PHP version you are using.

2. Under the Module folder, you will find servers folder that includes another folder named AWS Lightsail. Now, you just need to upload the module folder to WHMCS server’s directory (whmcs_root/modules/servers/).

2. Upload crons folder’s file to WHMCS (whmcs_root/crons/).

Procedure to activate the license

1. Login to your admin area of WHMCS and navigate to Setup >>>Products/Services.

2. This Module will allow you to sell your predefined products.

3. In Products/Services, create a new Product Group and Products. After creating a new product you need to edit that.

4. Find out 'Module Settings'.

5. Under Module Settings, you will get a Dropdown (Module Name). From that dropdown, you need to select the 'AWS LightSail Module'.

6. After the selection of the module, you will come up with more fields that are must to be filled to make the module functional.


As you can see in the above image there are six fields (License Key, API Key, API Secret Key, Regions, Bundles and Platform).

> Now you have to update the License Key, API Key, API Secret Key fields with their corresponding values. Here you also need to select the default Region.

> On the basis of the selected region, you will get the list of bundles.

> You need to select the Platform from Linux or Windows from the platform dropdown.

Note: You have to create predefined products for each bundle and region you selected.

After completing the mentioned process, you can process your orders.