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About (.QA) Domain Registrar Module

This .qa (قطر.) Domain Registrar WHMCS Modulehas been designed for users interested in selling .qa domains. Once you've completed your module purchase, our tool becomes essential in establishing a connection between WHMCS and the .qa registry API, enabling customers to seamlessly purchase .qa extension domains.


1. WHMCS 8.x

2. Must have account with .QA Registry

3. Your WHMCS IP must be whitelisted with .QA Registry

4. 700 / 7001 Port must be enabled with your WHMCS server firewall.

Note You must have to whitelist your WHMCS IP with the registry and also need to complete the demonstrator steps to verify your account for production.

How to download the module files

1. Login with your account on our website https://whmcsglobalservices.com/members/clientarea.php

2. Go to my services or from main dashboard click on manage icon with your purchased service this module service

3. Under Downloads tab you can find the files. Download specific PHP version and Ioncube version files.

How to upload the module files

1. Download the zip module folder from our site to log in with your account (https://whmcsglobalservices.com/members/clientarea.php).

2. Extract the downloaded zip module file.

3. Connect FTP/SFTP, login as cPanel/Plesk, etc.

4. Upload "qaepp" module folder with your WHMCS on this path "/modules/registrars/"


How to activate the module

1. Login as your WHMCS admin.

2. At top right side hover on Wrench icon and then go to System Settings >> find Domain Registrars and click on Domain Registrars box

WHMCS-System-Settings (300000).png

3. After that you can see the list of all available modules. Find “.QA ” module.

4. Click on Activate button to activate the “.QA" Module.

5. After activation to configure it click on Configure Button and then add module License key in the field provided (Login with your WGS account https://whmcsglobalservices.com/members/clientarea.php and with your purchased service you can get license key).

6. Configure the module with EPP URL, Port Number, Registrarid/ClientID, Password.

7. Save changes

.qa config.png

How to add the domain TLDs for .QA?

1. Log in as your WHMCS admin.

2. At top right side hover on Wrench icon and then go to System Settings >> find Domain Pricing and click on Domain Pricing box

Qa domainpricing.png

3. Add .qa TLD and set price for it and select Registrar module as ".qa (قطر.) Registry Domain Registrar WHMCS Module".

Qa configdomian prcing.png

How to make API connection

1. To make API connection you have to create a CSR key by following registry instructions with your WHMCS server and then forward it to the registry. They will provide you with the cert.pem and certificate files.

2. Make a file name with "cert.pem" and Make a combination of your private key and certificate file (that you get from registry).

3.Connect your FTP/cPanel go to this path "/modules/registrars/cert/" upload "cert.pem" (created in above step).

How to complete registry accrediation test

Registry will provide you a accrediation test procedure. You have to follow all those steps and run all actions one by one using EPP API endpoints by passing required data and store all actions request and response in a file or doc. After that share it with registry and they will verify and approve it you for production access.